Carpet to make your toes tingle

Carpets have been around forever (or so it seems) so most people will understand the basics. However, not to leave anyone behind, we will go over a few things below:

How the carpets are made​

Victoria Carpets’ products are split into two families:


When you read the descriptions for our carpets you will see that they fall into two categories:

Loop Pile:

A loop pile carpet is made with continuous stands of fibre that are looped into the primary backing and create a ‘bobbled’ loop effect. This creates a tighter and more firm woven carpet that is extremely durable and able to withstand heavy traffic flow.

Cut Pile:

A cut pile carpet has been sheared which means the loops have been cut in half. This creates fibres that stand upright and can have a softer feel underfoot. A cut pile carpet can therefore have different lengths of fibres, increasing the thickness of the carpet.